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Neuromantics - A theory on a different pattern of neural communication

Neuromantics - A theory on a different pattern of neural communication


Due to the tremendous progress made in the last decades by the numerous branches of neuroscience, much is known today about the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the brain. However, its function in all its perceived manifestations is still in a large measure a matter of discovery. The way it produces its computations in such enormous data processing streams and with such efficiency on so many levels remains largely unexplained.

Quizney - Interactive game of strategy, intelligence and general culture

Quizney™ is about an interactive quiz, method and interactive game of strategy, intelligence and general culture, designed to be played as entertainment game on the Internet, TV game show, computer game or, independently, as parlor game for two or more players where players wager (play or real money) on the next quiz details – question type, question topic, field/sub-field, difficulty level (in percentage of the players who answered correctly), tips regarding the next question, etc.

STReight - Gambling game

STReight™ is based on a new games series whose concept was born in spring of 2005 – InfiniBALL; it is practicable in casinos or in specialized gaming halls, on the Internet, as a lottery system, as a gambling game itself or as a TV gambling game.

Distribution mechanism with rotary valve

The invention relates to a distribution mechanism with rotary valve for four-stroke engines.

Logical Cube with Balls (Falling Marbles)

Falling Marbles

The main idea of the Logical Cube with Balls (Falling Marbles) is to have a transparent cube or any other regular polyhedron filled with a number of moving pieces, balls or cubes (27 balls, for example). If we consider only 26 balls in a transparent cube, there is an empty space (the place of the missing ball), which makes it possible to move the balls by rotating the puzzle.

There are three key parts: the transparent case, the central piece and the moving pieces. The balls are colored as in the image and could be numbered accordingly. The central piece inside the case will form, together with the case walls, some ducts in which the moving pieces can be ordered in a logical manner (by color or by printed numbers).

Logical cube - 4x4x4

4x4x4 logical cube

This 4x4x4 logical cube is a more daunting challenge than the 3x3x3 cube. The number of pieces is far greater, and there are no "fixed" pieces to serve as a reference.

The puzzle has an ingenious mechanism. The sphere has eight perpendicular grooves, aligned two by two, for the center tiles to slide in. A specially shaped steel frame prevents the sphere from becoming misaligned with the rest of the cube. There are two edge pieces at each face intersection.

Rear-view device for motor vehicles

The invention relates to a rear-view device for motor-vehicles which operates like a rear-view mirror, which may be inserted into the classical mirror mounting.

Vehicle wheel

The invention relates to a vehicle wheel allowing the running in safety conditions in the case of partial or total reduction of the tire pressure.

Tridimensional logical game

The invention relates to a tridimensional logical game comprising a game table provided with some holes orderly arranged according to some grids having square, hexagonal, triangular or combined shape, wherein there may be introduced the cylindrical shaped mobile rods, said rods having an extremity longer than the maximum number of pieces allowed on a rod, and the other extremity having a collar with a stabilizing role and a cylindrical part having its length equal to or smaller than the depth of the holes where they are to be introduced, on the said rods there gliding the pieces of the game, s

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