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Neuromantics - A theory on a different pattern of neural communication

Neuromantics - A theory on a different pattern of neural communication


Due to the tremendous progress made in the last decades by the numerous branches of neuroscience, much is known today about the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the brain. However, its function in all its perceived manifestations is still in a large measure a matter of discovery. The way it produces its computations in such enormous data processing streams and with such efficiency on so many levels remains largely unexplained.

Many questions about the brain still await their answers, yet, among these, one of the most intriguing is: do brains communicate in a way other than the known five senses?

We propose an alternate pathway of neural interaction and analyze its explanatory capacity in the case of documented phenomena. Our theory proposes that one brain, more specifically particular populations of neurons, communicate directly by means of electromagnetism making possible a significant influence on “pre-paired” population of neurons in another host with little regard of distance. The particular current flow in the given population generates an electromagnetic field that produces minute alterations in the electromagnetic spectrum, yet highly tuned in frequency, enough to generate a significant functional change in another population that responds to that particular frequency. We advance the idea that any group of neurons working together at encoding a relevant unit of information is a generator of electromagnetic pattern, as well as a “ready” receptor in the sense that the “correct” change in the electromagnetic pattern will see this particular group of neurons more likely to “respond” with an appropriate computation.

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