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Management and Marketing

Management & Marketing Consulting

Dr.Radut Consulting works in partnership with clients to develop business strategies and technologies customized to their unique requirements.

In competency assessment solutions serving: corporate human resources, Contact & Call Center, Healthcare and IT markets. Dr.Radut Consulting offers competency assessment solutions for organizations and professionals.

Dr. Radut Consulting focuses on you - individual or organization - who you are, what you have done and attained already and where you need to get to in terms of your development as a certain and skilled market leader.

Quality Management Certification

Advantages of the quality management system certification

  • meeting the customer and business partners needs and the legal requirements
  • increasing the credibility and assurance in the quality of products / services
  • increasing the customer satisfaction
  • a better understanding of the organisation procedures, engaging a strong management commitment, a clear designation of the responsibilities and authorities, improved internal and external communication, a more efficient allocation of the resources and the decrease of the non-conformity costs
  • positioning a frame for the continuous improvement

Information Technology Services

Retail software solution, web development - Our technology is successful because of the significant advantages we offer:

Reliable Delivery: We deliver the right results, efficient, accurate and in time for your business.

Unique Vision: Our unique vision on industry-defining technology advances and challenges certifies durable business value.


Consulting services

1. Marketing - knowledge is your most valuable marketing tool

  • Developing marketing campaigns/strategies
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing research

If your organisation aims to increase sales Dr.Radut Consulting can counsel you on:

  • design products/services
  • reduce costs
  • maximize investments
  • advertise products

2. Project Management Consultancy for:

  • Government & Public
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • IT&C
  • Consumer Products

3. Effective allocation of resources

According to our clients needs, we make resources more efficient and effective. Our knowledge becomes valuable asset for our clients, from developing functional strategies to Performance Management tools.

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