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Healthcare consulting services to achieve highest performance

Dr. Radut Consulting is working diligently with you, to define issues, to provide discrete advice, and to recommend alternative routes to attain highest performance and organizational change. Our team's deep clinical and health care change management proficiency, allows us to maintain your unique improvement initiatives as well as major transformation projects.

The diverse experience and healthcare know-how of our people has allowed us to gain a distinctive perspective on the health care industry and marketplace.

With strong management project planning skills, we are sustaining your initiatives at a speed and with a team that is suited for your organization and best fitted to support your success. Our consulting services tools and practices can identify opportunities and define resourceful approaches to improve organizational performance.

Our healthcare consulting philosophy

Aiming success from the beginning:

  • In expectation of transformation, we engage your staff and explain the benefits of the new ways of working;
  • We support you with the social marketing plan of a culture change that backings and rewards productivity and teamwork;
  • We comprehensively outline and formalize expected benefits and track results throughout the project life-cycle.

Improvements are strategic goals and objectives. We provide the highest return on investment:

  • We identify on core strengths of organization, brand, and location; then, act on them;
  • Our team establishes controls and protocols favorable to revenue cycle effectiveness;
  • We conduct detailed service line profitability analyses and develop comprehensive recommendations.

Building and maintaining highly effective management organizations and care delivery teams:

  • We define a consistent patient experience that reinforces your brand and stimulates patient satisfaction;
  • We analyze and streamline workflow in order to attract highly skilled staff, and rewrite the qualities for you to become an employer of choice;
  • We will work with you to establish and implement optimized processes and protocols.

High performing organizations - continuous improvement for all operational, financial, and clinical extents

We stimulate simplification, automation, or elimination of processes that negatively affect your staff satisfaction and productivity:

  • We analyze the impacts associated with consolidation or outsourcing of assets, departments or facilities;
  • We identify ways to reduce unnecessary burden and complexity on staff and physicians;
  • We recommend centralizing or decentralizing functions, services or technologies.