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Healthcare consulting services for operational performance results

We offer you objective healthcare consulting services that influence proven methodologies in providing strategic consultation for your executive and management staff. Our unique and supportive approach it helps you to attain increased revenues, to reduced costs, waste, and excess, as well as improved organizational performance.

Our team works closely with medical services (ambulatory and hospital) leadership and staff to manage projects efficiently, from the beginning through completion, with the highest level of quality and performance results. Our consulting professionals average 10+ years of management consulting experience across industries, including health care and technology.

Patient-centred care approach

The IOM (Institute of Medicine) defines patient-centred care as: "Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."

Dr.Radut Consulting helps you to be truly effective; the practices must be implemented as part of a long-term and complete vision of organizational culture change. That change of mind-set is a deep one, with the power to unleash empathy, passion, and activity within your organization that will go far beyond the launching of a series of new initiatives. With time, patience, and ongoing attention, it results in extensive changes with far-searching effects that will be felt for years to come by all your clients: patients, their families, and staff.

Patient-centeredness is a cultural transformation. It is not a checklist, a dashboard, or an action plan. Per se, it requires buy-in and a long-term commitment from all levels of the organization, and a willingness to challenge the routine.

The true test of a culture of patient-centred care is the sustainability, and the ability to withstand in the face of staffing shortages, demanding patients and leadership turnover.

Sustainable results

Sustainable results help you to create an improved bottom line, to reduce waiting lists, and to raise patient and staff satisfaction.

With ample on-site analysis, Dr.Radut consultants help to identify inefficiencies in your workflow. We recommend practical improvements for optimized system utilization, reinforced by system utilization reports and industry benchmarking.

Coverage of healthcare management services

Our diverse healthcare consulting capabilities and expertise are supported by delivery methods such as facilitated sessions, process assessments, Kaizen events, Lean Six Sigma (LEAN) assessments, and issue-specific engagements. We bring originality and knowledge to each unique situation as well as specialized tools, techniques and templates, accelerating project implementation and adoption of change throughout the healthcare management system.

This extent of experience allows us to analyze accurately your most demanding issues and propose creative solutions and implementation strategies based on industry best practices and proven methodologies.

Our consulting team works with your management and executive staff to achieve strategic and operational goals in the following areas:

  • Business Strategy and Vision;
  • Process Design and Re-engineering;
  • Performance Improvement Implementation;
  • Organizational Design;
  • Change Management;
  • Technology Strategy and Vision;
  • Technology Design and Requirements;
  • Program and Project Management;
  • Performance Measurement and Analysis.

Delivering results on your most critical initiatives

Dr.Radut Consulting has developed and adopted a set of innovative tools and techniques that allow us to deliver stirring and long-term results.

We are working with you to grasp opportunities within your clinical, financial, and operational aspects. We are applying specific tools and techniques that fit both unique frameworks and outcomes required at each stage of your project.