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E cigarette myths and the real facts

There are many myths related to the ecigarette, and many of them come from the fact that this product is new and not everybody knows how these devices work and how exactly they can help you. That's why we tried to explain you in other of our articles the exact components of the e-cig and wanted to teach you how to use them. But sure, there are still a lot of undocumented opinions about the electronic cigarettes, and after reading this entire text you'll see that there's nothing to worry about.

One of the most common ideas is the fact that the inhaled liquid is toxic and more harmful than the smoke. Well, that's not true at all, because all of the substances that are found inside the cartridges are used in the food industry or pharmaceutics. I don't know if I even have to tell you that its preferable to inhale these rather than using tobacco cigarettes that produce tar, carbon monoxide and other cancerous substances.

Another myth is that the e-cigarettes are sold to teens and that the cartridges come in so many flavors in order to attract them. It is really easy to answer to this affirmation, and this mostly because of the fact that all the electronic cigs producers won't sell their product to people under 18yo. And since many of the stores do their business online, it is more difficult for a teen or a kid to purchase them, due to the fact that they'll need a credit card and will have to wait for it to be delivered. Yes, the manufacturers will do their best to make this process easy for you, but for an underage, it is nearly impossible. Although, speaking about the various flavors, you probably know that the analogs come in various aromas too, and that's no reason to think that the products are designed for kids.

The e-cig opponents like to say that the electronic ones use much more nicotine that the analogs. This assertion is again wrong, because almost all the cartridges you'll buy, no matter by who it is produced, will clearly inform you about the nicotine quantity and also how much it means compared to smoking a tobacco cigarette. The fact that they are not advertised to non-smokers makes it clear why almost all the buyers are current smokers that simply want to try an alternative or someone that buys it as a present for a smoker, worrying about their health or other effects such as bad odor or breath.

If someone thinks that the persons that use these devices should completely stop smoking or inhaling instead of vamping, you probably don't know about all the unsuccessful campaigns against tobacco and about how many people simply don't want to give up this habit. That's why vamping is not a way of completely forgetting about the classic cigarettes, but most of a healthier way of still getting the nicotine and social privileges you need.