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NIX Solutions: Whatever Your Mind Can Imagine We Can Deliver

In order to bring the IT-solution from the business idea to the finished product requires concerted efforts of many professionals. The decisions should be based precisely on those technologies and processes that provide the required quality parameters at a minimum cost of time and money to develop and implement. To meet the customers’ needs and requirements, NIX Solutions offers an integrated IT-services package, which includes almost everything you need for today's dynamic business. It allows to provide our turnkey solutions as soon as possible.

The NIX Solutions company policy includes two important elements:
- innovative personnel management;
- innovative project management.

Briefly, the innovative personnel management means that the employees start with low-level and move to higher levels of the career ladder; they are trained and tested hard. This scheme was borrowed from the leading US firms and has such advantages: 1) each employee studies the whole development process and all aspects, related to it; 2) it is possible for young university graduates to find the suitable working place with the career growth prospect; 3) periodic training and testing help to keep employees in good shape.

The innovative project management is shown in the customer-focused approach, when all the aspects and features of the future service or software product are agreed with the certain client’s wishes and requirements. Then, the goals and objectives are set. The process of software development or service providing is divided into stages. That allows to make the working process clearly thought-out and logical. Several current tests and adjustments prevent futile work in the wrong direction.

Brief NIX Solutions company overview gives the real picture of customer-focused approach advantages and contributing to this parts of the organization policy, such as innovative personnel and project management.

So what is a wide range of developments and services of the NIX Solutions company?

Custom software development include Internet-solutions, distributed multi-level systems, desktop and mobile applications, migration from legacy platforms.

Existing software technical support means optimization and modernization, defects defining and correcting, new functionality development, quality assurance and software testing.

Personnel leasing is available, too, in the form of the selected professionals and project teams and offshore development center.

IT-consulting include the feasibility assessment, pre-project analysis, requirements development, architecture development, pilot projects.

Remote administration and system integration are connected to:
- local and global networks;
- E-mail, Web-, Data-servers;
- anti-virus and anti-spam systems;
- automation systems, web-hosting;
- audit and consulting on network security, servers and services;
- servers, workstations and services 24/7 support.

The list of the company developments includes from the e-commerce projects implementation to the micro niche software creation.

In this case, diversity is not a hindrance to quality. By careful staff selection and ongoing training the high professionalism at any field can be achieved. This integrated approach helps customers to reduce risk and save resources, receiving a full range of IT-services from one supplier.

The review of B2B projects - JPYX Warehouse Management System and AAA Central Server System - proves the NIX Solutions main slogan: "Whatever your mind can imagine we can deliver".

In recent years, trade through the Internet has become popular, particularly due to the fact that it allows to reduce warehouse costs. So, common trade businesses, dealing with warehousing, have started to seek efficiency. Rational products location in the stock and prevention of trade losses are the ways to reduce the storage costs.

JPYX Warehouse Management System is a multifunctional and efficient software that prides:
- active warehouse management;
- an increase in the goods turnover rate;
- accurate information about the location of goods in a warehouse;
- efficient management of goods with limited shelf life;
- efficiency improvement;
- a way to develop the handling goods in a warehouse processes;
- the use of storage space optimizing.

The product is useful for trade enterprises, the warehouses of each kind and size can be managed with it.

AAA Central Server System is the other enterprise system. What is it for? It helps the enterprise's owner to divide information between appropriate staff and secure the particular information from the unauthorized users. That means, the AAA Central Server System should be installed on the main computer or central server, where all the business information is divided into thematic units (folders), and on the external systems. The certain folders can be available only to the appropriate users’ desktops, connected to the central server. The access to a folder in the main or office computer is obtained by entering the password. It is really easy to share information with AAA Central Server System at your enterprise.